Client Profile

As one of the largest payers in the country, our client was going through a significant corporate transition to more prominently feature their various on-line member resources, including; tools, information, health assessments, and other on-line wellness programs and services. The client was committed to promoting health and wellness across their entire member population, in particular, their largest employer accounts – and a great deal of effort was being put into improving the member experience.


Our client was concerned about their unsatisfactory level of member participation with on-line resources, particularly in the area of completing a health assessment and other “digital health coaching” programs. Because outcomes were so positive, they believed that increasing participation and repeat member visits would lead to higher member satisfaction, improved member health, and a greater awareness of all the resources available to the member.

There were a number of challenges facing the client. While they wanted to increase member program enrollments and completions, they also wanted to lower the cost per completion. Traditional member engagement in digital health coaching programs was low, which required the health plan to invest in more costly telephonic health coaching or to provide expensive incentives to encourage its members to complete an on-line program.


We introduced the concept of Digital Retargeting (DR) to the client. DR has become increasingly sophisticated in many industries as a method to bring consumers to a specific web location with laser precision. It does this based on information known about the consumer (i.e., their computer’s IP address or unique identifier combined with data collected about the consumer’s web browsing history). For example, a consumer visits a retailer’s web site. Later that day, or a week or a month later, the consumer visits another web site or conducts a web search on a particular topic and a tailored banner ad is displayed encouraging the consumer to re-visit the retailer’s web site.

Digital Retargeting in the payer environment was a foreign concept to our client. The typical initial response was “You can do that in healthcare?”  We conducted a number of discovery/concept education sessions to enlighten them on how DR would work within the digital ecosystem, how a pilot could be defined and measured and what concerns or objections our client contact would encounter from their management.

We conducted a significant amount of due diligence with a cross-functional team in researching the client’s primary concern – member privacy. We met with our internal legal and compliance teams to obtain their views on member privacy who elevated the discussion with the highest levels of regulatory compliance who sought the advice of external healthcare privacy consultants. We also met with major DR vendors and service providers in order to identify and resolve any potential privacy issues. We then created a proprietary solution for the client, which addressed each of the four major issues of potential privacy concerns.


As a result of our highly rigorous internal discovery process and strategy sessions with our client, they elected to proceed with the implementation of this innovative program to drive member engagement…proving that, yes, you really can do this in healthcare!