About us

A powerful combination of talent. We consistently deliver impressive results.

Our values

Envision Health was founded on the belief that the convergence of clinical insight and healthcare marketing and PR expertise will break through the clutter and improve the trajectory of our clients’ business.

We’re results-focused, while maintaining the highest integrity. We’re service-oriented, while acting with confidence. We’re committed to delivering creativity while remaining open to new ways of thinking. We work with passion, while maintaining a commitment to personal health. We value experience, and challenge ourselves to continuously learn. We’re responsible and conscientious, yet committed to having fun.

Meet our team

Our clinical and marketing experts ensure every marketing and public relations deliverable is strategically aligned, clinically informed and creatively inspired.

Tim Busche, MBA

Kelley Smith, RN, MPH

Greg Abele

Marina Belfiore

Marina Belfiore

Tracey Osentoski


Sven Gustafson

Alexis Rivera, MBA

Michelle L. Hornberger, MHSA, FACHE

Jacquie Nelson, M.A.

Jill Pritts, MSc

Madison Artzt

Greg Scott

Rebecca Throop, MBA

Sarah Melvin, MSHA

Clarissa Piatek, MFA

Thomas Stiteler, M.S.

Karen Lasater

Max Mongenas

Gabriel Holiman

Adam Oehlers

Stephanie Fraser

Stephanie Fraser

Samantha Sullivan

Amy Chubbuck

Emily Twanno, MBA, MHS

Paul Henchey, MSCS

Kathy Henchey, MBA

Brandi Mitra

Melody Busche

Larry H

Larry Yuhasz

Robert Bowman III

Lauri Lemire

Alyssa Meier

Jeff Blashill

Jennifer Ringler, MSc

Christina Leonardi

Bonnie Valentine

Meghan McCarthy

Set up for success

Our exciting culture focused on creativity, enthusiasm, integrity, hard work, accountability and a healthy dose of fun.

Interested? We are always looking for the best talent in healthcare. Simply submit your cover memo and resumé to info@envisionmarketingpr.com.