Client Profile

This client provides a unique childhood weight loss wellness program that incorporates a SaaS mobile app with personalized coaching. The platform consists of three components: an intelligent mobile app that tracks food and activity and provides nutrition and exercise education, a sophisticated automated feedback system facilitating real-time healthy food decisions, and one-to-one support from well-trained coaches who are paired to best suit to the child’s personality and interests.


Our client initially launched its solution as a B2C model and desired to expand into the B2B market. They believed the solution would positively impact their target audience of employers and health plans through increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and lower medical costs.

Clearly the statistics around childhood obesity are frightening: overweight children are 20 times more likely to need medical care, miss an average of 12 days of school, and incur three times higher medical costs. The challenge was how to break into this competitive wellness arena and reach key decision-makers with the right message to accelerate the sales cycle.


The client hired Envision Health to lead their marketing and public relations efforts through a comprehensive B2B go-to-market strategy. We kicked off our partnership with a two-day discovery session at the client’s headquarters, meeting with the executive leadership team and led an interactive workshop that resulted in a deep understanding of their business and each partner’s roles.

We completed a research study and conducted ten interviews with wellness executives from large companies, including Lowes, Southwest Airlines, Aon Hewitt, Ernst & Young, and Paychex. We gained valuable insights into the wellness perspectives of large companies and consolidated this information into a research brief that the client can leverage in their marketing initiatives.

Envision Health generated the following deliverables:

  • Public relations
  • Email
  • White paper
  • Social media
  • Digital media updates
  • Pitch deck/collateral
  • Comprehensive tradeshow plan, including speaking opportunities


As a result of our research were able to:

  • Refine targeting and positioning
  • Generate highly qualified and interesting opportunities for sales follow-up
  • Improve our client’s understanding of market perceptions regarding their solution versus the competition
  • Generate informed content for public relations, digital communications.