At Envision Health, we work with clients of all shapes and sizes. To some, we’re a complete marketing and PR team that covers everything from website copy to sales training to slide decks to earned media. For others, we’re strategic advisors who know the healthcare technology landscape and have deep clinical roots to understand healthcare’s most pressing problems. And, some clients just need a little help with print materials or selecting a marketing automation system.

According to Claire Pfarr, Envision Marketing & PR Account Director, “Every one of our clients has towering strengths. And, prior to working with us, everyone also had talent gaps. That’s why they need a partner like Envision.” Our goal is to complement those strengths to build out a whole team including all of the skill sets needed to create a complete and comprehensive marketing strategy and then execute it with excellence. Says Pfarr, “Envision has a unique mix of highly strategic leaders with significant client-side experience, as well as smart, energetic, and motivated executionalists who really know how to get the job done!” In this recent interview with HITMC, Pfarr shares her experience in assembling the pieces – internally or with an agency – and discusses the importance of clear lines of communication with executive leadership.

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