Healthcare Business Today article highlights the “surprisingly positive” results of Envision Health Collaborative HIMSS21 survey.

With HIMSS21 just around the corner, the Envision Health Collaborative was designed to help HIT vendors achieve greater success at the upcoming conference. And, Envision created the “Place Your Bets” survey to help HIT professionals answer the tough questions they are facing today about once again attending industry conferences.  

We decided to leverage our clients’ collective buying power and apply Envision’s unique clinical insights to help clients realize more exposure at a lower cost. This is done via a variety of packages and a-la-carte options specifically intended to make the conference more cost effective and productive for small and mid-tier participants and offset the challenges all HIT vendors face when trying to achieve a positive ROI on their HIMSS investments. 

Please reach out directly to either Tim Busche, MBA or Kelley Smith, RN, MPH to learn more about Envision Health or this innovative new collaborative initiative.